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Digital Pen and Paper

Daddy's notebook

22 July 1987
Welcome to my journal. This is a place for me to write down my thoughts as an ageplay daddy. Some of the content in this journal might become mature, as I do have an intimate relationship with the wonderful person whom is my daughter, Rheia. I gues sI should tell you a bit about myself. My real name is Ryan and I am a preop transgender FTM. My birthday is July 22nd 1987, I am currently 20, going on 21.

My daughter an I have been in a relationship on and off for the last several years, we are just venturing into the realm of ageplay and for me there are two sides of this. I have a daddy side as well as a little boy side and so I've made seperate journals to record both of those experiences and the thoughts and feelings I have when I'm in those head spaces. If you are interested in my little boy journal feel free to visit it : http://raggedy-evil.livejournal.com/

I will give you a bit of info, also, on myself as a Daddy and my personality. I am the type who looks to help and try to better others, I am supportive and empathetic, always willing to give someone a hand or a shoulder to lean on. I like to dote on Rheia, little gifts or food goodies, for no reason other than I had the money and was thinking of her. I'm always willing to help a friend in need, but please, don't try to take advantage of that, I'm very unforgiving when it comes to people who try to use me or others. I am also always on the look out when it comes to Rheia's friends, I won't let someone use her or hurt her either, so be good to my little girl.

I am not looking for any more children to call my own, but I am always willing to help a alittle one in need of advice or just someone to cry to, so feel free to add me as long as you know that I can't adopt you, very sorry! As for other Daddys or Mommys, I love sharing stories or swapping ideas/advice, I'm new to openly being a daddy, so please feel free to share your advice and experience!
This journal will be friends only, so if you wish to read what is inside please respond to my friends post and I will see about adding you.